• InfoObjects are the smallest pieces in SAP BI . InfoObjects are used to describe business information and processes. For examples InfoObjects are: Customer Name, Region, Currency, Revenue, Fiscal year. 
  • There are five types of SAP BW InfoObjects:
    • Characteristics
    • Key figures
    • Unit characteristics
    • Time characteristics and
    • Technical characteristics.


  • Characteristics describe business objects in SAP BI like products, customers, employee, and attributes like color, material, company code.
  • They enable us to set select criteria during which we display required data.
Key figures
  • Key figures describe numeric information that are reported on in a query.
Unit characteristics
  • Unit characteristics provide a meaning of key figures values, stores currencies or units of measure (e.g., Currency Unit).

Time characteristics

  • Time characteristics describe time reference of business events.
  • They build the time dimension - obligatory part of InfoCube.
  • The complete time characteristics provided by SAP: 
    • calendar day (0CALDAY)
    • calendar week (0CALWEEK)
    • calendar month (0CALMONTH)
    • calendar quarter (0CALQUARTER)
    • calendar year (0CALYEAR)
    • fiscal year (0FISCYEAR) and 
    • fiscal period (0FISCPER). 
    • Incomplete time characteristics: CALMONTH2, 0CALQUART1, 0HALFYEAR1, 0WEEKDAY1, 0FISCPER3.
Technical characteristics
  • Technical characteristics have administrative purposes (e.g. Request ID).


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